Inception for Schmucks

I have not posted a review in a while because I was caught up with track meets and school starting. It’s not like anyone was really reading it anyways. So now I will be cramming two movie reviews into one because I love the title I came up with.

I saw Inception and Dinner for Schmucks when my cousins were up from Florida.  I will start out with Dinner for Schmucks. I saw the trailer for this movie and was expecting a stupid, perverted and pointless comedy.  However, I am now convinced Steve Carell cannot do a bad movie.  I found myself laughing and loving every minute of it!  From laughing at the

stupidity of the idea to legitimate jokes, I teared up a bit from bursting into hysterics. This is a pattern I’ve noticed from Steve Carell. I really do not have too much to say except that it was hysterical. But would I recommend it? Absolutely! Don’t listen to real critics; I would see this movie over and over again!

Inception – Inception, Inception, INCEPTION! This movie…this movie.  Several weeks after seeing it and I still cannot grasp just how…brilliant this movie is!  This is not a movie you can describe.  This is not a movie you just go and see.  The only word I can describe it is “brilliant”; the only way you can possibly understand what that means is if you see this movie.

This is not just some blockbuster movie – you really have to think about what is going on.  The plot was just ridiculous – whoever came up with this idea is a genius.  Basically it’s about a group of people trying to plant an idea into someone’s head, but do so in a way so that they don’t realize it was somebody else’s idea.  Again, genius.  It’s one of those movies that gets you talking about it when it’s over, which to me is the indicator of a successful movie.  To know how to act in something like this requires hardcore talent; luckily DiCaprio and Page both have that talent.  The effects were not mind-blowing, but I heard that it was completely old-fashioned – no CGI – so in that case it was decent.

Anyone who has seen this and is confused about the ending…well, I cannot give you my thoughts. I am under the impression that this movie has no set ending. The writers made it so that your imagination could fill in the gaps.  We are so used to beginning, middle, and end that we don’t have room for imagination.  To me, that is what gets people talking. To me, that is what makes a good movie.  Inception may get very close in winning the award for best movie of the year.

What would I rate these films? Schmucks would have to be 8/10 stars. Inception? 10/10 stars; and that really says something, because I don’t just throw those 10s away! You have to see Inception – you have to. It is your civil right to do so.  And if you’re bored and your local theater is playing Dinner for Schmucks, that was a pretty good movie as well.  Both were great films.


Cupcakes & Jews

As I said in another post, my two cousins from Florida came up to visit NY two weeks ago.  Well, while we were wandering around the West side, we got kinda hungry and decided to randomly stop and eat at Lansky’s because it looked like a nice little diner. It wasn’t until we got home and Googled the name that I found out it’s a somewhat-famous Jewish deli. Anyway, I had the burger sliders — it was the first time in my life that I ever finished those little guys! It’s like eating a 1 1/2 burgers. But the sliders were so small and juicy and delicious that I made myself eat all three. Just thinking about them is making me hungry!

So then we started walking some more and we found Magnolia’s Bakery.  I do not think it was the original bakery, however it was definitely as amazing as people said it was.  My cousin and I had heard it in a song, and I had seen it mentioned in reviews, TV shows, movies, friends, etc. Needless to say I was

dying to try one of these cupcakes. Like I said, whether it was the original or not, it tasted fantastic! The moistness of the cupcake melted in your mouth, and the frosting was unbelievably good. Maybe I’ll ask mother to pick us up some more….

Anyway, both of these restaurants are brilliantly and amazingly fantastic! If you’re ever super hungry in Manhattan, get yourself some Jewish food at Lansky’s, then hop right over to Magnolia’s and “mack on some cupcakes”!

Ooh, and I almost forgot! What is the best thing you ever ate, and where did you eat it? Leave a comment and let me know! Also, tell me what to review next. Like I said, I have TONS of ideas written down, but eventually those ideas will run out. Help me out here!

say yes to “say yes to the dress”

I’ve discovered my love with the TLC TV show “Say Yes to the Dress”! As I type, I am watching it right now, waiting for “What Not to Wear”.  What is it with some people and these shows?

Anyway, if you like fashion, watch this show. It gets addicting…kinda like “America’s Next Top Model”.  I love watching the dresses and yelling at some of the stupid women and it’s fun. And I love it.

Toy Story 3 — not disappointing and hilarious!


So I rate this movie a 9/10! Being that Toy Story 1 & 2 are both a huge piece of my childhood, I had very high expectations for this movie. Most movies (such as “Shrek 4”) do not even come close to my standards. However, Toy Story 3 was totally not disappointing and I loved every minute of it!

You know how sometimes when you watch a kid’s movie, and there’s a joke or two in there where all of the children are cracking up, but it’s too stupid for any adults to laugh? This never occurred. In fact, I found that it was the opposite at times; every adult was laughing, but little kids were too young to understand it! I found this common throughout “The Incredibles” as well. One reason why I love Pixar: they make family movies.

Not only was the comedy hilarious, but the overall story was phenomenal! Yet another great aspect of all Pixar movies. There were the fun times and the heartfelt times. I did not get the urge to cry — as I have done so during Finding Nemo and UP! — but the level of hilarity definitely accounted for it. Watching Woody and his overly complicated tactics never failed to make me smile. I became so intensely captivated in the story that I was sad when it ended. This is something everyone looks for when they see a movie — especially when they have to pay around $4 extra for something in 3D.

So what makes this movie so great? What makes this movie, well, a great movie? The fact that it’s for a family. That your children, you, your cousins, aunts, uncles, grandma, everyone, can all go watch this movie and enjoy it. Just because the target audience is 9 and under does not mean you should be ashamed of seeing this movie if you are 14+. It also gave everyone a sense of closure with their favorite childhood series. So, need something to do this weekend? Go watch this movie. If I wasn’t disappointed, you won’t be either.

Shrek Forever After

Shrek was a huge part of my childhood. All three were hilarious and not really targeted to children; all three were more for adults. However, I felt that “adult-in-a-kids-movie” feeling you sometimes get. You know, when they make a stupid joke and all the kids laugh, but the parents don’t?

I got that awkward feeling many times. I also would have loved to see the older characters as well. I feel that would have completed it. I mean, needless to say, Puss-N-Boots and Donkey made me LOL, and the storyline was great, but if I took a step back and just looked at the whole movie, it did not meet expectations. It was not as funny which took away from the whole experience. To me the movies got progressively less funny.

Despite the negative review, I did not hate it, and if you’ve never seen the other 3 Shrek movies, you might actually enjoy this. However when it comes to Shrek standards and my standards, it gets close but not quite there.

7/10 7/10

Killers — For those who are easily amused

I would give this movie a 6/10. “Killers” is a romantic/action/comedy that looks good while your watching it, but then you get home and let it process and it wasn’t as good as you thought it was.

This movie is obviously targeted to teenagers. The dumb jokes took away from the whole movie. As…”attractive” as Kutcher is, it does not make up for any of the cons in this movie. I felt that I had watched the entire movie before anything even happened. It gave me the impression that they could have done so much more with this storyline, but fell a little short.

The beginning and end were very disappointing for me. These two parts are the most important ones! You leave the movie not entirely sure what just happened, which is NOT a good way to end anything; the beginning was just very slow, and again, you are not 100% sure what is going on. I do not know how to judge acting/directing very well, however from my standpoint I thought both were pretty good.

I did honestly find myself legitimately laughing at many points of the movie. It was just very slow, not too much done with it, and many lame jokes along the way. I would only recommend this movie if you were to rent it; don’t waste $10 in theaters.

old reviews..

A few months ago, I did three reviews for I did “Killers”, “Shrek Forever After” and “Toy Story 3”. They were so good, they were my inspiration for creating this critique blog in the first place. I will be posting them shortly 🙂