Inception for Schmucks

I have not posted a review in a while because I was caught up with track meets and school starting. It’s not like anyone was really reading it anyways. So now I will be cramming two movie reviews into one because I love the title I came up with.

I saw Inception and Dinner for Schmucks when my cousins were up from Florida.  I will start out with Dinner for Schmucks. I saw the trailer for this movie and was expecting a stupid, perverted and pointless comedy.  However, I am now convinced Steve Carell cannot do a bad movie.  I found myself laughing and loving every minute of it!  From laughing at the

stupidity of the idea to legitimate jokes, I teared up a bit from bursting into hysterics. This is a pattern I’ve noticed from Steve Carell. I really do not have too much to say except that it was hysterical. But would I recommend it? Absolutely! Don’t listen to real critics; I would see this movie over and over again!

Inception – Inception, Inception, INCEPTION! This movie…this movie.  Several weeks after seeing it and I still cannot grasp just how…brilliant this movie is!  This is not a movie you can describe.  This is not a movie you just go and see.  The only word I can describe it is “brilliant”; the only way you can possibly understand what that means is if you see this movie.

This is not just some blockbuster movie – you really have to think about what is going on.  The plot was just ridiculous – whoever came up with this idea is a genius.  Basically it’s about a group of people trying to plant an idea into someone’s head, but do so in a way so that they don’t realize it was somebody else’s idea.  Again, genius.  It’s one of those movies that gets you talking about it when it’s over, which to me is the indicator of a successful movie.  To know how to act in something like this requires hardcore talent; luckily DiCaprio and Page both have that talent.  The effects were not mind-blowing, but I heard that it was completely old-fashioned – no CGI – so in that case it was decent.

Anyone who has seen this and is confused about the ending…well, I cannot give you my thoughts. I am under the impression that this movie has no set ending. The writers made it so that your imagination could fill in the gaps.  We are so used to beginning, middle, and end that we don’t have room for imagination.  To me, that is what gets people talking. To me, that is what makes a good movie.  Inception may get very close in winning the award for best movie of the year.

What would I rate these films? Schmucks would have to be 8/10 stars. Inception? 10/10 stars; and that really says something, because I don’t just throw those 10s away! You have to see Inception – you have to. It is your civil right to do so.  And if you’re bored and your local theater is playing Dinner for Schmucks, that was a pretty good movie as well.  Both were great films.

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